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  • Most popular questions about newsletters
    There are many unknowns when you’re talking about newsletters. How often should you send your newsletter? Should you charge money for it? When to go full force into it?We gathered the most popular questions about newsletters below and we tried to answer them. If you want to know how to start a newsletter – start from this guide first. Questions about newsletters We answered 11 of the most popular questions about newsletters below. It would mostly be interesting for those of you who are looking to start a newsletter. Let’s start: How often should I send my newsletter? This is […]
  • GetResponse Review – Newsletter tools
    With over 350,000 customers in 183 countries, GetResponse is a front-runner in the email marketing tools. Their tool comes in 27 different languages, making it available globally, not only to the English speaking world. So what makes GetResponse so popular? We’ll review GetResponse – their product, pricing and the onboarding process. GetResponse are offering an all-in-one online marketing platform that includes email marketing and campaign management. The tool helps you build subscriber lists, send newsletters, video emails, and more. Their email marketing solution includes easy drag-and-drop editor, templates, mobile optimized (responsive), photo editor, deliverability. It also includes a timing tool […]
  • How to get more newsletter subscribers
    Some people think we are in a newsletter bubble. There are many new newsletter coming out each week. Readers are at the point of content overload. So how do you get potential readers to know about your newsletter? Furthermore, how do you get them to subscribe specifically to your newsletter? We worked on this list of ideas so you can find new potential newsletter subscribers. It’s not a step by step guide. Your audience might be hanging out in different locations than the other newsletter’s potential audience. You just need to try and see what’s working. If you are just […]
  • The newsletter tools you need – guide
    There’s no one way to start a newsletter. You could just share a Google or Airtable form for people to sign up, and send them the newsletter via your email provider. That’s the bootstrapped free way. If you are looking for a more sophisticated way, there are many newsletter tools that could help you accomplish that. We’ll help you understand the landscape of the newsletter world, with a bit of info about each and every tool. Enjoy! First step in starting a newsletter, is getting ideas and content. There are many tools that could help you gather your content: Content […]
  • Newsletter directories – where to find and publish a newsletter
    Adding your newsletter to newsletter directories is one of a few good ways to get in front of more readers. As long as it’s free to publish there, you should definitely add your newsletter to some if not all of them. We’ll share below the list of the directories that are available at the moment. Newsletter directories list Discovery by Revue Revue is a newsletter creation tool. Other than that, they also have a directory to find and publish newsletters. There are 7 categories of newsletters (news, social science, marketing, tech, innovation, design, and media). There’s also a free search […]