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GetResponse Review – Newsletter tools

With over 350,000 customers in 183 countries, GetResponse is a front-runner in the email marketing tools. Their tool comes in 27 different languages, making it available globally, not only to the English speaking world. So what makes GetResponse so popular? We’ll review GetResponse – their product, pricing and the onboarding process.

GetResponse are offering an all-in-one online marketing platform that includes email marketing and campaign management. The tool helps you build subscriber lists, send newsletters, video emails, and more.

Their email marketing solution includes easy drag-and-drop editor, templates, mobile optimized (responsive), photo editor, deliverability. It also includes a timing tool that helps you both automatically decide the best time to send the newsletter (when your audience is most likely to open the email), as well as ensure a specific local time delivery for your international audience.

GetResponse Review

Let’s start with the onboarding process:

GetResponse onboarding review

To get started just click on the Sign Up Free button. It will get you to this page where you need to fill out your name, email and password. Next, you’ll get an activate email, click on the confirmation button there.

getresponse review - onboarding

In the next step you’ll need to fill out more details like your full name, address, and your mobile number. They will use your phone number to send a verification code – to make sure you are not a spammer.

getresponse verification code

Ok, after those few steps, you are finally in your dashboard. There’s a lot going on here, so let’s break down this page.

The GetResponse’s dashboard

Though it seems a lot is going on, it is all geared toward helping you get started. On the top right you have a notification. If you click on it you’ll see a sidebar opens up with updates about what’s new in GetResponse. The first message is a welcome message where they notify you that they set up your first list to help you start. If you scroll down you’ll see many product updates.

getresponse dashboard

On the left there’s a chat popup if you need to ask any question. The 5 blocks in between are called widgets. You can keep them or remove them. The one on the bottom left is a prompt to get you to apply to GetResponse’s affiliate program. If you don’t want to hear about it now, click on ‘remove this widget’ to keep your board clean and relevant.

The two blocks in the middle and on the top right are educational ones. They are probably the best way to start if you don’t have any experience with email marketing tools. The video tour one is actually 20 minutes, but the first 2 minutes will help you get familiarize really quick with the dashboard and the steps to start. It is also divided into chapters, so you could pick which part you want to see and skip forward.

Getresponse video onboarding

On the left widget you have the quick actions section. It’s actually very continent! One final part we should mention before we dive into creating a newsletter with GetResponse is the top navigation bar. The nav bar includes Lists, Reports, Drafts, and a Create button. The create button is very similar to the quick actions widget. These 4 options will let you create and manage lists (subscribers), reports (analytics), and drafts.

GetResponse review – how to create a newsletter?

To create your newsletter you can either start from creating and managing your subscribers list/s or just start from the newsletter and later on add the subscribers. Let’s start from the newsletter:

create a newsletter

Right on top you have the name of the newsletter. Only you will see it (in the drafts or reports). Next, you have the From email address and Reply-to fields. At the moment I only see one option there to pick, but I assume that if you have a team account you could change those.

Then you have the Subject line. The subject line should preferably be under 60 characters if most of your subscribers open the email on mobile, and under 120 characters if they open it on desktop. You can easily add emoji’s or custom fields (meaning, if you want the subject to say hello with the first name of the subscribers, you can add [[firstname]] as a tag).

There is also an option to add a brief preview text that will follow the subject line, though it’s not a must.

Next, add the recipients of the newsletter. You can choose multiple lists or filter by segments. Before we jump into the message editor, there are two more fields in this view. The tracking will let you decide if you want to track which recipients clicked on links in the email. Finally, you can choose if to send the newsletter immediately, schedule for later, or use their ‘Perfect Timing’ feature. This feature will look at each recipient past activity and determine the best time to send this email.

The message editor

If you click on the design & content section, a new editor will open up.

Introducing GetResponse New Email Creator

It’s an easy drag-and-drop editor where you can add widgets or “blocks” to help you set up exactly what you need. You can add an image (either as a block or as a background image), a paragraph (text), a button, video, spacer or divider, social icons, and custom HTML.

You also have an image editor where you can design the image (add text on top of the image, add filters, and more). It actually saves you one step, instead of going to Canva or using Photopea, you can just edit the image straight from GetResponse’s editor.

Additionally, you have the layout settings. There you can control how many columns you have in the email.

If you are planning to use the same kind of template in future emails, you can easily save the blocks as “my blocks”. It is recommended to keep a similar structure in your newsletter, as you want people to get familiarized and comfortable with your email, increasing the chances they will open and read through.

A unique feature they offer is the ability to decide if a block will appear only in desktop or also in mobile. There are things that will probably not look good on mobile, and therefore it is better to hide them there.

a hide on mobile functionality.

Final thoughts

GetResponse’s email marketing tool has many features and capabilities, making it robust and easy to use! Seems like they thought about everything.

It is a shame that they ask for your mobile in the trial sign up, it will probably scare away the spammers, but also people that are not yet ready to commit before they tried the product.

Anyway, if you are looking for a newsletter editing and managing tool, GetResponse might be the solution for you! We hope this GetResponse review helped you in your decision.

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