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How to get more newsletter subscribers

Some people think we are in a newsletter bubble. There are many new newsletter coming out each week. Readers are at the point of content overload. So how do you get potential readers to know about your newsletter? Furthermore, how do you get them to subscribe specifically to your newsletter?

We worked on this list of ideas so you can find new potential newsletter subscribers. It’s not a step by step guide. Your audience might be hanging out in different locations than the other newsletter’s potential audience. You just need to try and see what’s working. If you are just starting out, check out this guide on how to start a newsletter first.

Otherwise, let’s just start!

Ideas how to get new newsletter subscribers

It’s a chicken and egg problem. Where do you start first? Creating content or getting followers? The answer is you should do them both simultaneously. The best place to start is on social media:

Get newsletter subscribers from social media:


If you already have some base of followers on Twitter, that’s great. Start spreading the word that you have a newsletter. Share the link when relevant, and don’t forget to add it to your bio.

But what if you don’t have any followers?

Twitter is actually the best social media tool to get new followers. All you need to do is to add value. How do you do that?

Start following other people that share content around the subjects you write about. Add relevant comments, and also retweet with a comment. Join the conversation and show that you have things to add. You can set up notifications on those people tweets so you can be one of the first ones to comment – making it more probable that the creator of the post will react to your comment.

Now that you have some followers, create Twitter threads that are related to your topic. Joe Pompliano started this way and gained 12,000 followers in a month. He is writing threads on the same topic, every day. He then adds his newsletter subscribe link to each thread, to convert those followers into subscribers.

The main advice here is to create content, add value, and get to the relevant people through the virality of Twitter.

Another tool that could help you use Twitter to your purposes is TweetDeck. TweetDeck lets you monitor Twitter, based on specific words or people in a dashboard view. It’s much more organized than just scrolling down your Twitter feed. You can also adjust the settings to only show tweets in a specific language, location, or with a minimum amount of likes/replies or retweets.

tweetdeck for newsletter subscribers search


Less viral than Twitter, but still has a lot of potential, Reddit will help you find potential subscribers based on the topics that relevant to you. Use the relevant subreddits and join the conversation.

You should definitely learn the rules and nuances of each subreddit first. Some will let you self-promote your newsletter. Others will require a more subtle approach. Even if it is allowed to self-promote, it’s probably better to first provide value, and only in the end of your comment or post share your newsletter.


Same like Reddit, you can use Facebook Groups to find potential subscribers. Post and comment on relevant posts. Some of the groups will let you post as your newsletter’s page, and some will only let you use your individual profile.

Let subscribers find you

Publish on newsletter directories

There are many directories where you can add your newsletter so it could reach potential visitors that are using the directory as a discovery tool. It doesn’t cost a dime, and it only takes a few minutes to add your newsletter.

Here are the newsletter directories we heard about:

Launch on Product Hunt

While Product Hunt is geared towards product launches, it is still a worthy channel if your potential audience is tech savvy. According to Similarweb, Product Hunt gets around 4.5 million visits per month (27% of the visitors are from the US).

Use this guide to learn how to launch on Product Hunt. Some tips include – set the time of the launch to 12:00am PST. If you have friends that are already Product Hunt users get them to engage (upvote or comment). Make the post interesting, and hope for the best.

product hunt newsletter launch

Collaborate with others to get potential newsletter subscribers

Guest post on other relevant newsletters

Your potential subscribers might already read other newsletters. Find those that are relevant to your audience and see if the newsletter creator is willing to let you write a guest post. Some will be willing, as it gives them extra content, and might even get them new subscribers from your existing audience. Others will not want to compromise their follower base as they might fear it will let them down.

Make sure to suggest original content, and invest time and efforts to make the guest post great. You can also offer them to publish a guest post in exchange in your newsletter.

Sponsor other newsletters

Similar to the guest post, you can offer to pay for an ad on other relevant newsletters, or do cross promotions. There are groups where creators are willing to exchange sponsorships (for example this Facebook group).

Add referral programs to get new subscribers

What better way do you have to get new subscribers than referral from existing happy subscribers. Morning Brew and The Hustle are doing it pretty well and consistently every day. You don’t need to invent the wheel. There are products that are solving exactly this problem.

Sparkloop – is one of those tools, offering tools to grow your newsletter audience. GrowSurf is another great tool. It lets you set-up a referral program once, and then your audience automatically becomes your advocates. It can be simple for marketers or powerful for developers.

Final thoughts

If you are not using Substack but another newsletter tool, maybe it’s also smart to build a landing page/ website that features your posts. This will help you leverage SEO and organic flow of visitors from search engines.

You should definitely try each of the ideas and see what works for you. There is not silver bullet here. Just work hard and get more and more subscribers.

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